Robinson & Warncke lawyers convince the insurer to change its decision and pay Supplemental Life Insurance benefits to the widow, despite her deceased husband’s failure to follow the policy’s Evidence of Insurability requirement.

Sun Life Supplemental Life Insurance Policy Benefits In this case, our client’s husband was automatically enrolled in his employer’s basic life insurance coverage when he began working.  Several years later, after their child was born, the husband decided to increase his life insurance coverage to provide greater financial protection for his growing family. He therefore [...]


Why Even the Judges Hate ERISA–the Law that Governs Your Employer-Offered Disability Insurance

Employer-offered disability insurance plans are governed by a set of law called ERISA: the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. ERISA was intended to protect the cash in employees’ pension funds. Since it was implemented in 1974, however, it has mutated into a set of rules that give shocking advantages to the insurance companies should you [...]


How To Tell if Your Long-Term Disability Attorney is Not Experienced

If you have insurance through your employer and your claim is denied, here are some clues that the attorney you are talking to about your long-term disability claim isn't experienced: Cannot explain how your case would progress from internal appeal to litigation without doing "a little research." They don't mention ERISA at all. Talks about [...]


Why Are Long-Term Disability Claims Usually Denied?

Long-term disability claims are complicated. If you are dealing with a claim yourself, this probably comes as no surprise. Disability claims are denied all the time, most often for either of these two reasons: The claimant does not meet the conditions for being disabled as defined in his/her contract, but usually and more likely... The [...]


Can You Lose Your Long Term Disability Benefits?

The short and tragic answer is yes, and it happens to many disabled individuals. The issue is hinged on the definition of ‘disability’ as defined in your insurance policy. There are two definitions of disability in your insurance policy; “own occupation” and “any occupation.” From the time your disability policy becomes active, you are in [...]


Should I Accept the Long-Term Disability Company’s Offer to Buy Out My Policy Benefits?

When a long-term disability insurance company determines that it may be paying benefits for a long time, they may offer to "buy out" your policy by paying you a lump sum. Acceptance of the lump sum would mean that you no longer have to provide continued proof of disability and they no longer have an [...]


Should I Settle my Long-Term Disability Claim?

If your long-term disability claim is denied and you file a lawsuit at some point, the insurance company may come to you with a lump sum settlement offer. Should you take it? Each case depends on its facts and, presuming that you have an experienced disability attorney, you should discuss these matters with your attorney. [...]


If You and Your Employer and Your Doctor Agree that You Are Too Disabled to Work, Is Your Disability Claim a Slam-Dunk?

You were injured on the job – say you fell off a ladder and hit your head and injured your back. You were hospitalized, and spent a long time in rehab. You are better now, but far from all better, and very far from where you were before you fell. In fact, you aren’t able [...]


Seven Disability Insurance Claim Myths, Seven Truths, and What You Can Do

Myths: If you follow the rules when filing your claim and explain your situation the insurance company will approve your claim. If you fill out the form the insurance company sends, you will get your benefits. If you have been awarded Social Security disability benefits you will have no problem getting your claim approved. The [...]


My Short-Term Disability Benefits Were Denied. Can I Still Apply for Long-Term Disability Benefits?

Everything about ERISA Disability claims is confusing for the claimant. In fact, many judges find this practice of law confusing as well. Your attorney’s responsibility is to help you understand how the claim process works because many of the ins-and-outs of ERISA disability seem counterintuitive. When a client has been denied Short-Term Disability, they assume [...]