MassMutual Long-Term Disability Denial

MassMutual ranks within the top 100 of the Fortune 500. However, their history of dealing with claims raises questions as to whether MassMutual puts its profits ahead of its policyholders. If you feel as though they’ve denied your insurance claim unjustly, you have the right to litigate your claim. Robinson & Warncke can help. We have successfully recovered millions in denied claims.

MassMutual Long-Term Disability Denial LTD Lawyer

How to Submit a Claims to MassMutual

Claims forms have three sections that you need to fill out:

  1. Your own statement,
  2. A statement from your employer, and
  3. A statement by an attending physician.

These can either be mailed or emailed to MassMutual. MassMutual will then contact you within ten business days of filing the claim. If you are not contacted within ten days, you can call the claims manager and ask why the claim is being delayed. They may indicate that they require more paperwork. At this point, it may be a good idea to hire an attorney.

When Should I Contact a Long-Term Disability Attorney?

A MassMutual long-term disability denial is not the end of the road. It may be the first step in a frustrating process. But if your claim is valid, that process will end with you getting the disability benefits that you paid into for years.

How do you know when it’s time to contact an attorney? Any of the following events are generally very good indicators that it’s time to talk to a lawyer. MassMutual:

  • Has requested that you meet with their claims adjusters or agents;
  • Appears to be challenging your credibility;
  • Is unwilling to accept a resolution or is claiming that you do not meet the threshold for a disability claim;
  • Requested paperwork and, after you’ve followed up with them, claims that they never received the paperwork;
  • Failed to respond to your claim leading to significant delays;
  • Required that you attend a Function Capacity or Independent Medical Exam; or
  • Has canceled your benefits after you sent them a disability progress report.

Insurance companies are always testing the limits of what they can get away with. Sometimes it’s worth it to pay out one bad faith claim if they can deny ten valid policy claims. In the past, MassMutual has been accused of:

  • Willfully misinterpreting medical data to draw erroneous conclusions;
  • Accusing their own policyholders of lying or misrepresenting their situation;
  • Denying claims arbitrarily and without providing sufficient reason within the terms of the policy;
  • Leveraging ambiguous language within the policy to deny claims (and thus moving the goalposts);
  • Leveraging willing doctors to provide contrary medical findings to your treating physician’s;
  • Misclassifying a physical disorder as a nervous condition to reduce potential benefits; or
  • Simply denying claims without giving them a proper review.

A disability insurance attorney can help you appeal a denial of benefits. To learn more about appeals, read our article Should I Handle My Own Appeal?

Robinson & Warncke Can Help With Your MassMutual Long-Term Disability Denial

If you’ve received a MassMutual long-term disability denial, the attorneys at Robinson & Warncke can help. Contact us today.