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Long-Term Disability Claims for Cognitive Disorders

Sometimes referred to as “invisible” medical conditions, cognitive disorders are illnesses or injuries that impair such intellectual or cognitive abilities as memory, concentration, planning and problem solving, reasoning, verbal and written communication, and other logical processes.  Cognitive injuries or disorders can also impact emotional regulation and tolerance for stress.  Many people suffer from neurocognitive disorders [...]


Are the “independent” medical examinations or IMEs really independent?

Most long-term disability plans and insurance policies give the insurer the right to have the claimant “examined” by a physician or other professional of its choosing as a condition to approving benefits.   The “independent” medical examinations or IMEs are usually far from independent.  IMEs have become a very profitable enterprise for companies that arrange the [...]


COVID-19 Complicating Your Long Term Disability Claim

It is true that COVID-19 and the national quarantine have complicated long-term disability claims. But it’s also true that American workers were facing serious economic issues even before COVID-19 shut down the economy. Few had enough savings to survive an economic disaster, loss of work, or injury that prevented work. Fewer still had adequate health [...]


Long Term Disability Attorney

Five Questions to Ask A Disability Lawyer Near You  Not every type of Disability Law is the same. This simple fact confuses potential clients all the time.  So, how can you both find the right type of disability law firm, and simultaneously find the best one for your case? Our suggestion, structure your exploration of [...]


Long Term Disability Appeal

Should You Write Your Own Long-term Disability Appeal Letter? You applied for disability and were denied!  Should you write your own disability appeal letter or hire an attorney to help you?  While it is possible for you to write your own disability appeal letter,  most do not feel comfortable doing so.  There is a lot that [...]


How Long Does a Disability Claim Take?

“How long does it take to get disability?"   This is a hard question to answer because there is not the same answer for every person. Many different factors affect the amount of time it takes for you to receive long-term disability. Elimination Periods All long-term disability policies have some sort of elimination period.  The [...]


Is My Long-Term Disability Claim Subject to ERISA Compliance Issues?

Chances are, if you have a long-term disability plan through your employer, then your policy is subject to ERISA compliance. If you work for federal, state or local governments, Indian tribal entities, or churches, then you will not be subject to ERISA compliance.  This is an important distinction that can be very confusing when trying [...]