Sun Life Long-Term Disability Denial

Hard-working Americans prepare for the worst by purchasing long-term disability insurance policies from insurers like Sun Life every day. When they need it the most, they file a claim against their policy. Claim managers however, don’t treat claimants like valued customers, but like suspects instead.

At Robinson & Warncke, we can help you file that claim and build an ironclad case file that ensures your claim is processed fairly and quickly. Or if you received a Sun Life long-term disability denial, we can help you appeal it. Call today to speak to a disability attorney.

Sun Life Long-Term Disability Denial LTD Attorney Robinson & Warncke

Who Is Sun Life?

Sun Life is one of the largest distributors of disability insurance in the world. They offer both long-term and short-term disability policies. While they’re based in Toronto, they sell policies in the American market and are therefore subject to U.S. ERISA laws that apply to disability insurance available through your employer.

Most insurance companies have claim managers and insurance adjusters manage the claims process. Sun Life uses lawyers. These lawyers insulate the company against bad faith liability claims and push the boundaries of what they can get away with in terms of denying valid claims.

What does this mean for you? It means that when it comes to appealing a denial, you’re facing an uphill battle. Even in cases where your case is strong enough to move forward with an appeal, you will find that you are up against someone who will use every legal trick in the book, with full knowledge of the law, to frustrate the process.

Sun Life Long-Term Disability Policies

Unlike some disability policy distributors, Sun Life only offers group plans through employers as opposed to individual policies. These policies are purchased by your employer. In cases where you get sick or otherwise have a condition that limits your ability to work, your employer may force you to file a claim on their group disability policy.

Sun Life policies offer benefits to workers who cannot return to work over a period of more than a year. Long-term policies have longer elimination periods. That means you won’t be able to begin receiving benefits until a few months into your disability. You can choose either a specific amount of monthly coverage or a percentage of your earnings.

Sun Life Will Try to Delay, Dispute, Deny, or Terminate Your Claim

Sun Life is among the largest providers of long-term disability benefits in the U.S. and Canada. However, the insurance company has made headlines in recent years for unfairly denying claims or using delay tactics to frustrate policyholders as well as dispute tactics to intimidate them. In some cases, they have outright denied valid claims. These include engaging in practices such as the following:

  • Burying policyholders in mountains of paperwork;
  • Delaying the process of making a judgment on a claim;
  • Interrogating you, your family, your employer, or close friends concerning your condition;
  • Basing a denial on suspect medical science or reasoning that is not widely accepted by the medical community;
  • Attempting to settle your claim for less than the agreed upon amount (usually under threat or denial); and
  • Dissuading you from retaining legal counsel to manage your claim.

It’s important that you do not accept a low-ball settlement. Once your policy is settled, there’s nothing an attorney can do to help you. Let Robinson & Warncke help ensure you get maximum amount owed to you under the terms of your policy.

Understanding the Sun Life Long-Term Disability Claims Process

Dealing with Sun Life is usually a long drawn-out process. The company does not make filing LTD claims easy on its policyholders. Immediately after receiving a claim, sun Life begins building a case against you. And while fraudulent claims do occasionally happen, this can leave otherwise honest workers with valid claims feeling like they’re under a microscope. That is by design.

During the process, you will need to provide Sun Life with as much medical evidence as possible to not only prove that your condition exists but that it impairs you from continuing to do the job you’re currently doing.

Those who attempt to file appeals on their own often find the process needlessly frustrating. Insurance companies can and often do request duplicate information, claim that they’ve never received information that you know you sent, or deny claims based on erroneous information.

Appealing a Sun Life Long-Term Disability Denial

Once your claim has been denied, Sun Life will inform you of your right to file an appeal. They will also provide you with a specific deadline. You must file this appeal by that deadline. It is usually at this point that most policyholders enlist the aid of an attorney. However, the terms of your policy will state that you must exhaust the company’s internal appeals process before you go to the court to render a decision on your claim.

Once you’ve been denied, you should ask Sun Life to send you your claim file. Your disability attorney will review the terms of your policy, look over your claim file, and submit information requests to your doctors to ensure that it is complete. It may be that you only need to submit more proof of disability to Sun Life. In that case, we will know which medical tests you need to move your claim forward.

Sun Life wins when you give up without a fight. If even 10 in 100 claimants simply give up without appealing the decision, this translates into millions of dollars in revenue each year for Sun Life. Don’t be among them.

To learn more about appeals, read our article Should I Handle My Own Appeal?

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Our job as your disability attorneys is to prevent Sun Life from illegally or unfairly denying your claim. Insurance companies can be sued if they don’t uphold the terms of their policies, and they can only legally deny your policy by providing both thorough and valid medical reasoning. To learn more about how we can help in filing a claim or appealing a denial, contact Robinson & Warncke today.