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How Long Does a Long Term Disability Claim Last?

When you are unable to work for a long period of time, bills and other expenses add up, and quickly. Long-term disability helps to cover some of those expenses when you are unable to perform at a job for months or even years. Think of your long-term disability benefits as protection for your income as [...]


Five Questions to Ask A Disability Lawyer Near You

 Not every type of Disability Law is the same. This simple fact confuses potential clients all the time.  So, how can you both find the right type of disability law firm, and simultaneously find the best one for your case? Our suggestion, structure your exploration of law firms. Or to be more direct?  Start with [...]


Straight Talk About The Need For You To File a Disability Appeal

You have recently applied for your long-term disability, but your claim was summarily denied! couldn't get worse, right? Unfortunately, disability denials are too common.  In fact, there's a good chance you'll be stuck in one during your long-term disability journey.  But the silver lining here is that you can overcome them, with help.    [...]


Do Social Security and ERISA have the Same Appeal Process?

When most people start searching the internet for help with their disability claim, they come across a deep well of information about Social Security Disability.   Unfortunately, there is much less information about ERISA Long-Term Disability claims and appeals.   Sometimes, the differences are very confusing.  Here's what you need to know. Social Security and Long-Term Disability are [...]


Do I Need Other Benefits Other Than Long Term Disability?

No matter where you are in the process of applying for long-term disability, you may be asking, “How long does long-term disability last?” You may also be wondering if you need other benefits along with your long-term disability benefits. Many different factors determine how long your long-term disability benefits will last. The first step is [...]


Is There a Difference Between Disability Attorneys?

There are many types of disability attorneys. So, is a difference between types of disability attorneys? The answer is yes...and no.  You might be confused about this answer so let's break it down. Some of the Differences The most significant difference is what type of disability the disability attorneys practice. There is: Supplemental Security Income [...]