Long Term Disability for Dentists

Dentists are required to be on their feet for hours, often in non-ergonomic positions, while performing procedures on their patients. This - takes a toll on the body over time. For that reason, dentists tend to have a higher incidence of neck and back problems than the general population. Many dentists have the foresight to [...]


RW Federal Lawsuit Leads to Confidential Settlement: OB-GYN Successfully Challenges Unum’s Denial of Multimillion-Dollar Claim for Lifetime Disability Benefits

Our client was an obstetrician/gynecologist (OBGYN) who became disabled following his fourth back surgery. Provident (later UnumProvident and now Unum), the insurance company, approved the doctor for disability benefits. Unum, however, described the OBGYN’s disabling condition as “degenerative disc disease,” which was a major problem. Ordinarily it is the existence of a disabling condition that [...]


US Department of Education is discharging billions in outstanding student loans for borrowers with disabilities.

A significant advancement for those suffering from mounting student loan debts who can not work due to disabilities was made by the DOE last week. This is a big win for hundreds of thousands of people who cannot work due to significant disabilities. The U.S. Education Department announced Thursday that it is discharging the outstanding student loans [...]