The Hartford is one of the biggest insurance providers in the United States. 

Millions are covered for short & long-term disability under Hartford policies.

However, they, like many long-term insurance providers, have a long-running history of being involved in lawsuits from claimants that accuse them of incorrectly handling and adjudicating their claims.

Reasons The Hartford Has Unfairly Denied Long-Term Disability Claims

Here are some examples we’ve seen in regards to claims and cases against the Hartford for their unfair and incorrect practices in long-term disability claims.

  • – Denying all or most claims immediately, forcing a confusing appeal for the granting of benefits. 
  • – Repetitious requests for evidence.  This means even being repeatedly asked for the same evidence that you may have already provided. As you may already know this can further delay your case getting a response on whether it is rejected or accepted.
  • – Bringing in intrusive evidence against you.  Intrusive evidence can be video surveillance or even cherry-picked videos making it appear that your disability is not debilitating.
  • – Paying physicians to evaluate your claim and records. 
  • Requiring or requesting an in-home investigation and interview by a Hartford representative. This is hardly needed if sufficient records and proof are provided so that someone dealing with a disability can receive the benefits that are due to them.
  • – The Hartford has contacted doctors without claimant knowledge. This is a way to try gaining admission from your doctors that you are still able to work.
  • – This Hartford has also been known to interview physicians that have never worked with you or your condition to rally “facts” and present them in court.
  • – The Hartford has provided benefits then later used their discretion to decide those benefits are no longer necessary.  Summarily canceling the lifeline of benefits recipients like you. 


You Can Beat The Hartford And Get Your Disability Benefits!

When applying for your benefits through The Hartford, you need to follow their strict timelines and deadlines. If you do not, it could be cause for automatic denial. In addition to this, you should carefully review all paperwork you fill out so that you are responding to the necessary requests and providing the answers necessarily, in complete detail.   Anything missed, misleading, or factually ambiguous – even a nondated page – could be cause for the denial of your claim and keep you from receiving the benefits you deserve.
Read the list above, again…  These are not folks that will give you the benefit of the doubt. All of these are deceptive tactics exist to get you to give up. Regardless of the intention, it is unfair, and they keep those who have paid for these benefits and now need them as income. Do not let these schemes intimidate you into giving up on your case.

Your Best Option to Fight The Hartford

Your best option to prevent a denial of your disability claim, or to fight an adverse benefits determination is to seek experienced legal representation.  You need a law firm that specializes in long-term disability law, specifically ERISA.
If you have been denied Hartford long-term disability contact our office today.  We have fought on behalf of people like you against The Hartford and many other insurance providers before.