If you have insurance through your employer and your claim is denied, here are some clues that the attorney you are talking to about your long-term disability claim isn’t experienced:

  • Cannot explain how your case would progress from internal appeal to litigation without doing “a little research.”
  • They don’t mention ERISA at all.
  • Talks about a “trial.”
  • Thinks preparing an appeal means sending a letter that says “we appeal.”
  • Doesn’t tell you how they are going to get the claim file before doing anything else.
  • Talks about depositions.
  • Mentions how much money you will get when you sue the insurance company for “bad faith.”
  • Talks about filing the lawsuit in your local county courthouse.

You need an experienced ERISA disability attorney, preferably one who is board-certified. If you have a denial letter, give us a call and we’ll connect you with our experienced Atlanta Attorneys.