Before you were injured or became too ill to work, you probably didn’t have a lot of concern about what would happen in this type of event.  You knew you had disability insurance through your employer, so you felt confident that you and your family would be protected.  If you have already been denied long-term disability benefits, you were most likely taken off guard and who wouldn’t be?

Here is what you need to understand about insurance companies – they exist for one reason only, which is to make a profit for their shareholders.  Just because you write a letter and are being reasonable, doesn’t mean you are going to get paid.

Insurance company forms are frequently used for the intent of denying disability claims.  These forms ask for information from you, which is later used against you and as a basis to deny your claim.

The insurance company may offer an appeal process, but it is not fair and unbiased.  When you really dissect the appeal process, you can see that the insurance company would still be in charge of paying money and therefore there is an incentive to continue to deny your claim.

Even judges have acknowledged that claimants are not on the same level playing field with the insurance companies. Give us a call to find out whether you have an ERISA long term disability case.