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Does The Hartford Deny All Long-Term Disability Claims?

There have been many complaints and even a lawsuit against The Hartford long-term disability.

The employees have claimed that The Hartford long-term disability wrongfully denied their claims or approved it but then took the benefits away later.

If you have The Hartford long-term disability, you may be wondering if The Hartford denies all long-term disability claims.

Not all long-term disability claims are denied, but many are denied, and some are offered reduced payments.

How To File for The Hartford Long-term Disability Benefits

The Hartford requires you to file your disability insurance forms promptly.  If you do not turn in your paperwork in the amount of time required by The Hartford, then your claim will be denied.
You also want to make sure that you fill out the application fully and correctly, and that you sign and date it. If you miss anything, you risk being denied.  The Hartford long-term disability claims for includes four sections with on subsection:

  • Section I: Employer’s Statement to be completed by the employer’s authorized representative. Be sure to provide any necessary attachments (see Section K).
  • Section Ia: Information for Group Life Premium Waiver Benefits to be completed by the employer’s authorized representative if the employer also has a Group Life Insurance policy with The Hartford that includes a Premium Waiver benefit. Be sure to provide any necessary attachments (see Section K).
  • Section II: Employee’s Statement to be completed by the employees or representative who is applying for Long-Term Disability insurance benefits.

To see an example of a claim’s form click here.

Unreasonable Tactics by The Hartford

The Hartford has been known to use unreasonable tactics to deny, delay, or terminate your valid disability claim.  They include:

  • Repeated, duplicative, exhaustive requests for medical records while delaying the receipt of needed monthly disability benefits
  • Requiring a lengthy in-home interview or field claim review by a Hartford investigator of a disabled claimant who simply needs access to deserved disability benefits
  • Requesting an Independent Medical Exam (IME) or a paper review by a doctor chosen by the Hartford in the wrong medical specialty or with “suspect or inadequate” training
  • Misrepresenting facts to your doctor, without notifying you, via a mailed questionnaire or conversation to secure an admission that you are capable of some form of work
  • Relying on consulting physicians, nurses, and vocational rehabilitation specialists that never examine or meet you.  They use the results to delay or deny your claim contrary to what your doctor says.
  • Uses unfair video surveillance to deny claims or to intimidate you to drop your claim.

More Examples of The Hartford Being Unreasonable in Long-Term Disability Claims

Take a look at our previous article on this topic.  We go into great depth to give you background on their duplicitous tactics!

If Your Hartford Long-term Disability Claim Gets Denied

If your Hartford long-term disability claim gets denied, you can appeal the decision.  If you do not already have a long-term disability lawyer, now would be the time to get one.  They will be able to help you:

  • Determine why you were denied.
  • Request your insurance policy and claims file to check for any errors on your part or The Hartford’s part.
  • Get any additional medical evidence you may need.
  • Assist you in writing an appeal letter.
  • Prove you were unjustly denied.
  • Represent you and prepare you for questioning if you go to a hearing.

Appealing your Denial

If The Hartford denies your claim, it must provide you reasons for the denial.  You must generally file an appeal within 180 days of the postmark date of the denial letter.
The appeal should be in writing and well thought out.
If The Hartford denies your timely filed long-term disability appeal, you may need to do a second appeal before filing an ERISA lawsuit in Federal court.

Get Help

No matter what stage you are in with your Hartford Long-term disability claim, you need to hire a disability attorney.  The Hartford does not play fair, so you need a professional on your side.