Do you currently have Cigna long-term disability insurance?

You may find yourself in a position where you are unable to continue working, and your request for long-term disability benefits is (or was) denied.

The good news is you can appeal bad insurance company decisions with the help of a good disability attorney.

What a Long-Term Disability Attorney Will Do For You

A great Disability attorney not only has experience with disability cases but will also take the time to understand your specific case.  Every case is unique, and while the big insurance companies like Cigna use similar tactics to deny, deny, deny – your specific challenges and story is the wildcard, and it’s your best asset in your claim.  
In addition to framing your story, your Long-term disability attorneys will keep you organized and stay within the deadlines required by law and by your insurance company (Cigna). Deadlines are extremely important to follow when it comes to your long-term disability application and appeal. You run the risk of being denied simply by not turning in paperwork on time.  Want to know more about this?  Take a look at our article, ERISA Appeal Basics: Timelines You Need to Know
Part of being organized and meeting deadlines is also making sure any and all possible beneficial evidence is turned in and presented in your long-term disability case.  Often this is because once you go to a hearing in front of a judge, you will not be able to present any more new evidence.  In the industry, long-term disability attorneys call this, “stacking the evidence.” 
On the flip side, piling on reams of evidence, while potentially helpful in the future, sometimes is not the better way to initially approach a denied claim.  Sometimes an insurer just has bad or missing evidence.  Your disability attorney can help to figure out which medical records are missing or misunderstood. Moreover, they can help set up additional testing to demonstrate your injury makes you unable to keep up with tasks at work.

What Your Disability Attorney Will Need From You

Your attorney will want to see your denial letter along with your Cigna policy documents.  Your denial letter should state the reason for your rejection and also state the dates in which you request for appeal needs to be sent in. Remember those important deadlines?  If you have difficulty getting a copy of your policy through your human resources department, you can always request it in writing from the plan administrator, meaning Cigna.
Also, remember to present any contact information that could be beneficial to your case and collecting evidence. This includes yourself, your physician, therapists, and any other contacts that may hold important information for your case.

How Your Disability Attorney Will Protect You

Unfortunately, insurance companies like Cigna have been known to act out of bad faith and use questionably moral practices to fight claims like yours.  They can deny your benefits, unfairly, or delay them for an unnecessary amount of time.  They have been known to request duplicates of paperwork at different times, even if you have already turned them in.   And claim you are/were not responsive to requests for evidence as the reason for denying you.  It’s a game to them!  That’s why you need to stack the deck in your favor.
Also, BEWARE!  While looking for an insurance attorney to help, unfair evidence can also be collected by an insurer like Cigna.  They may even go as far as collecting surveillance and chopping up the video to make it look like you’re scamming them…just to try to prove you wrong!

How to Find a Disability Attorney Near Me (You)

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