Not every type of Disability Law is the same.

This simple fact confuses potential clients all the time. 

So, how can you both find the right type of disability law firm, and simultaneously find the best one for your case?

Our suggestion, structure your exploration of law firms.

Or to be more direct?  Start with these six questions and move on from there.

Who Else Will Be Involved In My Case? 

Almost every law firm uses a team of attorneys, paralegals, and other support staff to develop your case/claim.  In fact, it’s possible that the paralegal may become your go-to person for updates on your case status.  The reasons for this are simple, the division of labor.  You want your attorney ready to bring your best arguments forward in court.  They need to be abreast of new laws, and the latest arguments.  You certainly don’t want to have them spending time running down records!  But they should have a team that is excellent at this exact thing.  
This isn’t to say you should never talk to your attorney either.  You most certainly should have that chance.  It’s just more true that you will likely develop a great relationship with one of their paralegals or case managers as well.  You might as well ask up front to know more about them!

Does the Firm Have a Communication Policy?

Up front, you should ask how regularly the firm will communicate with you, or how often they ask that you communicate with them.  Some issues in disability law are resolved in weeks, and others are resolved in years!  You might be in this situation for a long time…at some point, you will wonder what’s happening with your claim or case.  Instead of waiting in silence, ask a question, or questions, that will lay the groundwork for how, when, and why you will be getting and giving updates with your disability law firm. 

Does the Firm Do Other Types of Law?

Many firms represent clients in multiple areas of law.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  In fact, often the types of law that firms represent clients are complimentary.  Disability and Bankruptcy, or Family Law & Estate Planning, for instance.  Within these types of firms, lawyers can wear multiple hats too.  So, it is pertinent in two ways to know what, if any, other types of law your disability lawyer(s) handle.  First, it might be that you need their help in some other facet during the course of your claim.  And second, you should ask, openly, whether their representation in multiple areas will be a conflict at any point, or will be a barrier in any way. 

Can You Guarantee My Claim Will Be Approved? 

This is a bit of a trick question.  No one should be guaranteeing you success in your disability claim or case.  But a good disability law firm will be able to describe to you how they can prepare your case for the best possible chances of success.  In fact, they should have no trouble giving examples and describing a basic strategy to you within a couple minutes.  If someone guarantees success, be cautious.  However is someone describes to you how he or she can bring your case to a point where there is a high likelihood of success, be curious!

How Much Will It Cost Me if My Claim Is Not Approved?

Lastly, you have to ask about the dollars and cents!  There are many different ways that fee agreements might get structured.  Often these are on contingency, and there’s no expectation for a client to pay anything if a case is lost.  Not everyone has the same philosophy on this.  It’s OK to ask, in fact, it’s best to ask this as soon as possible.  While disability law firms want to help you, this is a business too.  Asking about price is to be expected.