If you are filing for long-term disability or appealing a long-term disability denial and have hired a long-term disability lawyer you may be wondering if your insurance company will work with your lawyer.

The short answer is no. 

Long-term disability insurance providers will do their best not to have to pay you long-term disability benefits.  They hope you do not lawyer-up and will still make you (and your lawyer) jump through hoops all over the place to get the benefits you have paid for and earned. 

However, having a disability lawyer makes their job of denying your benefits exponentially harder.  Your disability lawyer knows their tricks and will be on your side to counter them at every step.

Here are a couple ways that insurance carriers play dirty and why you want an attorney to fight back.

Unfair or Bad Faith Insurance Carriers

Some long-term disability insurance providers will deny your claim for unfair reasons.  They act in bad faith by:

  • Requiring excessive, unnecessary, or duplicate information
  • Delaying your claim for an unreasonable amount of time
  • Denying a valid claim for invalid reasons
  • Paying lower disability benefits than what is stated in your LTD policy


Damaging and Unfair Evidence Collection

Insurance companies will hire private investigators to follow you around and record your day to day activities.  They are trying to “catch” you doing things that you either claimed you could not do or that your doctor said you are not supposed to do.  They will only show the footage that supports their denial.
For example, you could suffer from severe back pain and not be able to bend.  While you were being recorded, you dropped your mail and bent to pick it up.  The insurance provider, whom you’re actively fighting, will use an excerpt from spy footage of this event to their advantage.  They will say, you can bend over, you are lying in your application and can work. 
Of course, they will not show that when you stood back up you were in extreme pain and had to sit down for an hour with an ice pack to recover.

Closed Record

Another tactic that the insurance company uses is not to tell you that your record will be closed when you go to an administrative hearing.  That means that you cannot add any additional or new medical evidence to support your claim.  In this scenario, your lack of institutional and legal knowledge is being used against you in the most frustrating way?  How do you know what you don’t know? 

When to Hire a Long-term Disability Lawyer

So, when should you hire a long-term disability lawyer?  As soon as possible! 
It does not matter which step of the process for obtaining your long-term disability you are in. 
Typically, long-term disability lawyers will give you a free consultation, so you do not have anything to lose.

How a Long-term Disability Lawyer Will Help

Long-term disability lawyers know the tricks that insurance companies use to avoid having to pay you benefits.
Long-term disability lawyers will:

  • Help you gather all necessary medical evidence to help your claim.
  • Fight any recordings the private investigator may use
  • Make sure the insurance company is not delaying your claim unnecessarily or requesting excessive, unnecessary, or duplicate
  • Review your LTD policy for the definition of disabled as well as the benefit amount you should receive.
  • Prepare you for your hearing
  • Question professional witness
  • Hire vocational experts to help determine if you can do your own occupation or any occupation.

Insurance companies rely on the fact that you do not know the rules and procedures and will use that to their advantage.  Beat them by getting an expert of your own!

Get Your Own Long-Term Disability Expert

If you need to speak to a long-term disability lawyer about your claim, we are here to help.  It does not matter what stage of the long-term disability process you are in. 
Contact us today for a free case evaluation.